Weekend Project

Yesterday, Bradley and I went to BFF Lane’s house to watch the GA game and so that I could help her pick out curtains for her kitchen and dining room.  We did not finding kitchen curtains this time, but Lane picked out super cute panels for her dining room and we got nice big hardware for both windows.

She chose Rocky River blue velvet curtains with grommets.  We also bought a chocolate and blue paisley patterned curtain that my mom used to add a bottom border to the velvet curtains.  Their house has tall ceilings and large windows, so we needed 95″ curtains, which most of the stores we went to don’t normally carry in stock.  So making our own solved that problem.

Before we left, we got the dining room rod hung.  We hung it 12″ wider than the window and 10.5″ higher than the window so that none of the natural light will be blocked.  Then I took the curtains to my mom today to have them customized.  (Thanks Mom!!!)

Update: Lane sent me a picture of the way they looked after she hung them and they are fabulous!  Now we will just have to plan another date to find the kitchen curtains!

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