Weekend Project – Wall Stripes

As a surprise for Bradley when he returned from his business trip, I worked on a few DIY projects in his office.  He loves orange and is inspired by modern design when he is working on his creative projects.

I decided to try my hand at painting some different sized horizontal orange stripes on the wall behind his desk.  I chose Bonfire by Behr.  I am pretty happy with the outcome.

My only problem came from the tape not wanting to peel off cleanly.  I had to use probably 6 or 7 coats to cover the brown, so I couldn’t peel the tape of until I had finished my last coat and by then the first 6 coats had dried.  I fixed this by using an exacto knife to score the edge of the tape and give me a clean line.  For the most part I didn’t have any bleeding (me or the paint) to my relief.



I also hung the three large frames we bought on sale at Ikea a while back on the opposite wall.  No small feat since I had to attach all of the hanging wires and measure forty different ways to get them in a straight line at the same height.  They are close enough:)

Maybe this will motivate Bradley to take some creative pictures to put in the frames!

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