Weekend Projects: New Outlets and Water Filter

Bradley helped me tackle a couple of projects around the house this weekend.  The first was replacing some of the outlets in the living room and kitchen.  The old ones had loose grips on all of my cords so they would easily fall out in the middle of vacuuming or charging my phone.  We still need to replace a couple in the dining room and bedroom, but we’ll get to it later.

We also decided to install a water filter at our kitchen sink.  We had an extra hole left from installing the new faucet, so it was the perfect place for the small filter faucet.  I don’t care for the chrome faucet that came with the system, so we will be replacing it with a brushed nickel filter faucet soon.  Now we don’t have to constantly take the Pur tank out of the refrigerator to refill it.  It will make filling water bottles so much less of a hassle.

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