Orange Creams

I first learned about “snake flowers” or Orange Creams last April when Bradley sent me a photo of a potted flower he came across at Sam’s Club.  When he actually took interest in a flowering plant, I took notice!  After researching it and consulting my mom, I felt like it would be a good candidate for indoor container gardening.  I found an online source for the bulbs and placed it on our wishlist.  Our wonderful sister-in-law gave me a pack of ten bulbs for Christmas!

Imagine my surprise when I realized that the bulbs needed to be planted at least 6″ apart.  So I began keeping an eye out for small, inexpensive pots since one container large enough for all 10 bulbs was unrealistic.  Target clearance rack to the rescue – the leftover Christmas Amaryllises came with small pots and soil!  I got the bulbs potted up and they have been living on our dining room table for now.  I noticed yesterday that a few of them have popped through the top of the soil!  I can’t wait to see how they do!

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