Bamboo Towels

Recently I came across a blog about running your bath towels through the wash with vinegar and then again with baking soda to help get rid of any smells or residual soap.  I tried it out and felt like it did help freshen them, but it seems that nothing will bring back the softness that our towels had over six years ago.  So I started the search for new towels.

After realizing the amazing qualities of bamboo sheets – anti-microbial, softness, moisture wicking – I thought bamboo towels might be the way to go.  Turns out, from what I can tell, towels are not made from 100% rayon from bamboo.  The ratio seems to fall right around 25% bamboo/75% cotton.  This gives the towels the softness and absorption expected from bamboo but the durability of cotton.

I purchased a set of towels by the same company that made our sheets at Tuesday Morning.  Initially, I am very excited about these towels.  They are really soft, but not in the way our cotton towels were when new.  It is kind of a silky soft rather than a fluffy soft – and supposedly will get softer over time like the sheet sets (although initially Bradley is not 100% convinced – he likes the fluffiness of nice cotton towels).  They seem to be very absorbent even though they aren’t as thick as high-end cotton towels.  Also, they seem to hold the heat from our towel warmer much better than our old cotton ones.  I plan to be diligent about washing them as recommended: wash in cold water and dry on low heat, use no bleach or fabric softener.  Time will tell.


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