Powder Room Update

Recently, I have been looking around and realizing there are areas that I ‘decorated’ when we moved in with things that I had bought on the cheap in college or were given to us and aren’t really our style.  Too many areas were looking a little too ‘Kirklands’ to me.  Despite the dark mocha wall colors we chose or the hand-me-down couches we sport in the living room, I don’t dig the metal/floral/glazed look.  I want our house to be fresh even while using dark-stained woods and chocolate colors.

Here is what it looked like before:

I decided to pull down the shelves and art that were over the toilet and see it with fresh eyes.  In an effort to make the changes without spending anything, I painted the shelves white and painted an old picture white with a stenciled Moroccan tile pattern in blue.  I did the reverse white on blue stencil pattern on the small Ikea mirror.  I ditched the Willow Tree figurine (a gift) and some gold capiz and glass orbs.  The ‘D’ went blue as well as the picture frame.  I left the little jars because I use them for hair clips, but I reserve the right to take them out as the room develops.  I added a white ceramic duck that I got at a consignment shop last year.  (The photo is a little off on the wall color – this is the only room in our house with no window and it is small, so the artificial light is not bright in here)

I still need to fill out the shelves, but I will be patient for the right things to come along.  The last update I made was a fun new candle holder on the vanity.  I found a set of three metal lanterns at Goodwill years ago.  They were bright red, so I had primed them, but never figured out what to do with them.  I took one and knocked out the taper holder and painted it blue.  I thought the shape went nicely with the stencil shape I used for the art.  Just a lucky accident that the candle label matches the blue I used in the room.  I originally thought I would use a navy blue in the room, but when I was at Lowe’s this Deep Sea Diving color by Valspar just jumped out at me.

Here is the before and after:


4 thoughts on “Powder Room Update

  1. carol

    Hope you didn’t ‘ditch’ the willow figurine to the garbage. You know your Aunt Dianne collects those, don’t you? Would make a nice late bday present or unexpected gift at Granny’s Christmas.

  2. carol

    Gee, Leslie. I didn’t know you were living so right, with the chair exactly matching the pillow. Glad to see you putting some color in your rooms. They are looking good!

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